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Ease Your Discomfort The Natural Way
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Learn what it takes to experience happiness in your life>>Reduce Your Discomfort

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Here's The Deal

To feel less anxious, you need to change some things in your life.

Except everything you've done isn't working (other than your mom cheering you on, thanks mom!).



*Fuzzy (but not like a too much wine fun)

*Unfocused (so much to do, so much Netflix)

*Frustrated (worse than dial up)

Everything you are trying simply isn't working and you're doing A LOT (or maybe you are with the camp of people who have stopped trying to do anything because it is super defeating to keep trying and have no results).

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It's Like...

You're starting to wonder:

1) Is it normal for life to be THIS hard?

2) Wasn't life supposed to be sort of freeing and fun as an adult?

3) It wasn't supposed to hurt like this. Damn back, joint, acne?!

4) Also, what? I've tried almost everything!

You Are SO Ready For

*Living a Full-Time Life (That FEELS good with laughter)

*Loving Being With Friends and Family Again

*Paying Your Bills (and be able to breathe, buy essentials and maybe even save for vacation)

*Feeling Safe And At Peace

*Less Physical Pain

Women Laughing on Beach

Whether you are single, married, a mother to two legged or four legged sweet ones or simply someone who wants to start feeling true happiness and thing is clear: you want a life that is more than just "okay" (and you never want to have to lie and say "I'm fine" ever again).

People should be able to look at you and wonder: WHAT is she doing to look so peaceful and be so happy and you will want to shout your awesomeness of joy from the rooftops!

Because you are truly amazing

I Know

You've been working your A$$ off trying to meet everyone's wants and needs.

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*If someone said follow @ABC to feel better, you did.

*You figured you just had to try harder to feel better. Do more yoga. Breathe deeper.

*So you joined yoga classes only to find you are not flexible. 

*You know you MUST be missing something! So you take courses, buy journals and try to do this on your own.

*Maybe you even went down the rabbit hole of WebMd (you are certainly not dying).

And you may even be wondering to yourself
Do I always have to feel uncomfortable in my skin and perhaps in my own mind?

Then it enters into your head:

Why did I even bother doing that expensive (Fill in the blank) anyway?!
It didn't work! I failed!

Because most programs or meds only work on 1 dimention

Most programs, journals, workshops, (even doctors who prescribed you a med or two or three) often only look at the symptoms in a compartmentalized way.


I look at you as a whole person, holistically speaking. Everything is connected:  Thoughts, diet, movement, spirituality. Everything. You are a huge Ven Diagram with separate areas overlapping in the center that create YOU. Perfect, whole & complete.

We work together to untangle your Ven Diagram to find peace, joy and happiness where they overlap through an Eastern Philosophy way of thinking: teas/herbs, oils, crystals, diet and lifestyle.

Because journals, workshops & doctor's figure out the What, leaving YOU to figure out the How...alone!

Maybe you've invested in your health, a coach, some workshops, some essential oils from a friend or CVS or Walmart, maybe some journals but were they ever truly catered to YOU? You're body? Your life? Your timeline?

Chances are the answer is no.

Generic. Always best for all, not best for YOU.

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Hard Truth: They don't care.
It's not their job to tell you the How.
That is for YOU to figure out.


Running your adult life through learning how to budget time and money, your emotional bandwith for others and yourself and HOW to actually do that is an entire different modality than whatever other life and business skills and modalities you do know.



Don't let the discomfort you DO dominate your life. Learn about alternatives with no medical side effects.

Want to learn more?
Come visit us in person every Friday and Saturday in June, 9am - 2pm at the new Lawyers Road Marketplace. 
14328 Lawyers Road, Mint Hill NC

I'm happy to share with you my thoughts on:
*3 biggest mistakes most women make that stop them from feeling less stress
*1 tweak you can do make right now to feel less stressed ASAP
*The 4 foundations you NEED in order to feel in more control for the long-term
*How to continue to feel calm in the simplest way possible

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